The Mission of the Lititz Area Business Alliance is to promote and improve the business environment, stimulate a vibrant local economy and produce a cooperative effort to enhance the overall quality of life

and create the best community in which to live, work and do business


The Vision of the Lititz Area Business Alliance is to work together as a community of businesses (profit and non-profit), within the 17543 Zip Code whose goal is to serve as the stewards of positive future growth, advance the business and community interests of the region through advocacy, education and services while maintaining the great traditions and personality unique to the Lititz Region.


In 2014 talks began about forming a Lititz based business group. Our goal was to make local businesses aware of other Lititz businesses with the hopes that we all could work together and keep money here in the community and keep companies busy right here in Lititz.


In 2015, Lititz Area Business Alliance became a reality.


Shauna Ensinger (Ensinger Graphics)  and Bill Dussinger (Penny Lane Graphics) spearheaded the formation of this group of businesses that continues to grow today. We welcome all Lititz businesses, large or small and anywhere in between, to join the networking group.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Lititz Area Business Alliance, please send an email to bill@plgraphics.com or ensgraph@ptd.net

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